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Niremont | Les Paccots (VD)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We discovered Les Paccots and the Region of the Veveyse which have 150 km of marked trails!

Niremont Les Paccots Family of 5 Switzerland

We were looking for a hike to do on Sunday, somewhere not too far from home with nice views, and enough interest to keep the children motivated, and we managed to tick all the boxes with our choice of destination which was Les Paccots.

There are lots of places to walk around the area but we drove up to Rathvel and stepped out of the car to be greeted by the sound of cow bells. It was quite fresh so we all added a couple of layers and wrapped Elio up before setting off.

As soon we we arrived at the start of the walk, we had to stop for a while so that Alba could chat to the cows grazing in the fields around us, but once she had counted them several times, we began our uphill hike.

Niremont Les Paccots Family of 5 Switzerland

The route up is really beautiful. It’s fairly steep in places but the views are lovely as you head further up through open areas and shaded woodland before arriving at the summit to an incredible panoramic view. The children were fantastic! I took the baby carrier for Alba in case she refused to walk (she likes refusing at the moment 🤪) but in fact she didn’t grumble once and Jude amazed us by trotting happily ahead and enthusiastically leading the way. It was so nice to see them enjoying being outside and they even held hands at one point!

Niremont Les Paccots Family of 5 Switzerland
Niremont Les Paccots Family of 5 Switzerland

We stopped at the top to enjoy the view and have a little snack before heading back down the way we came. There seemed to be a longer circuit we could follow to get down again but we didn’t want to push our luck with the children who we sensed would rebel if we pushed them much further. We had to watch our footing in a few places on the way down as it was a bit slippery after the recent rain but it was manageable for all of us with a bit of hand holding. Alba insisted she didn’t want help and we had to stop her from jumping down some of the steeper parts 😱.

Niremont Les Paccots Family of 5 Switzerland

It’s a beautiful walk with plenty to see including animals, flowers and of course the spectacular vista. It took us about 1h30 in total. You can check hikes with kids here!


Parking : Yes

Toilets : No but maybe at the bar

Baby Change Facilities : No

Accessibility : Not suitable for pushchairs


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