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FO5 Entrepeneurs Hub

We are both passionate about supporting those dream-chasing entrepreneurs and small businesses. Why? Because they're the heartbeat of innovation and we love that!


We are very happy to share our 2 projects for 2024 :


🌈 In January, we will be rolling out a red carpet for 5 🇨🇭small businesses or 🇨🇭startups, offering them a spotlight as a shared post on our platform for free! To be repeated in the year if it’s successful 🌟 


🌈 We will also offer light marketing package to small businesses or startups at a very low price!


Our mission? To catapult these small businesses, helping them reach a vast audience across Switzerland. 🇨🇭 Whether they're selling handmade crafts or innovative tech, we want to be their launchpad with your support (kind reminder: your likes, comments and share matter A LOT)! 🚀

Find more information here.


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