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A Wheelchair-Friendly Adventure: Sentier des Sens La Tzoumaz

Updated: Jun 22

We have recently discovered the Switzerland Mobility website which makes it easy to search for outdoor activities which are possible for those using a wheelchair.  

One of our favourite weekend activities as a family was always going for a walk in the forest where we can enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise and observe the changing seasons.  Since Elio has got heavier and less keen on being in the back carrier, this has become harder and harder and it has been a couple years since we were able to complete a walk all together.

For our first attempt, we picked Sentier des Sens La Tzoumaz which is a beautiful walk through a path in the mountains along a bisse.  It was pouring with rain but we found a disabled parking space right at the start of the walk at la Maison de la Forêt in La Tzoumaz and we set off in our waterproof gear.  The path is clear and easy to follow with the wheelchair and there are areas of wooden walkway.  There are also three sets of toilets along the path which is practical with children and a buvette at the beginning which would be a nice spot in better weather.  The trail is full of activities, facts and things to observe using all of our senses which kept the walk interesting for Jude and Alba.  We walked past waterfalls and bridges and the children enjoyed racing sticks in the bisse as we walked alongside.

The trail mounts 150 metres and I managed it all relatively easily pushing Elio so it would also be possible with a pushchair but it certainly gave me a good workout.  

It took us about an hour to cover 6 km and for once we were able to complete the whole walk without turning back which gave us all a real boost.  Elio even fell asleep towards the end which is something that happens very rarely.  A really lovely family walk.


La Tzoumaz, Maison de la Forêt – Les Pontets – La Tzoumaz, Maison de la Forêt


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