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Carbon Offset Plan 2021

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We started the blog in 2018 to explore our surroundings and we never imagined at the time that we would be invited to so many wonderful places in Switzerland and Europe a few years later. We have the chance to travel more for these collaborations and we generally use our 🚙 as it’s easier to manage the children, notably if Elio needs to eat or sleep or scream.

We realised how important it is for our planet to be wild again to maintain life. We checked many websites, associations and really liked the action of Almighty Tree🌳💚.

Their mission is to act against climate change, create a cleaner environment and raise awareness of carbon emissions responsibility from Swiss SMEs and the population. Therefore, they plant trees in 🇨🇭 and abroad.

So starting from today, we will offset the CO2 emissions that we generate with all our travels for the blog along the year by planting trees .

Our tree will be planted in the Canton of Vaud in collaboration with Canton of Vaud forest experts. They guarantee that a tree will be well-selected by their forest expert according to the biodiversity and needs of the region.

❤️ So that's our big news and we are super excited to share it with you. 

Discover the pictures of the plantation day!

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