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Lac de Taney (VS) | En

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

What an experience!!  We had read about this on internet and decided to give it a try today as it wasn’t going to be too hot.

Lac de Taney
View from the restaurant

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Lac du Taney is a beautiful lake in Valais set 1,408 meters above sea level.  

Our plan was to park as close as possible to the start of the mountain path, walk up and have a picnic, explore a bit and come back down.  We arrived around 9.30 and were already told that a lot of the parking closer to the start of the climb was full so we had to park along the side of the road some distance away.  

We were already rather tired by the time we reached the start of the real walk where the forest began and it was a fairly daunting prospect to see on the map the distance that lay ahead.  The path itself was dry, dusty and rocky which made getting a foothold difficult and although some parts were shady, a lot was in full sun so we were grateful to have smothered on the sunblock and brought caps with us.  

Jean had seen that this walk was described as being fairly easy and suitable for children and we saw lots of families with young children en route - perhaps because an article in Loisirs.ch was featured this week and gave it a difficulty rating of 2/5. I think we would disagree with the rating and would not describe this as an easy walk - although it’s hard to gauge how we would have found it without the babies on our backs.  

It's about 4km to the lake and its uphill ALL THE WAY.  We rose more than 400metres during the assent which took us about 1,5 hours. The last 800 meters were especially hard and I really had to force myself to put one foot in front of the other.  Alba was rocking in the carrier from one side to another and singing which didn’t help much either :-). That said, there were places to stop and rest and some beautiful views from various points along the route.  We passed a lovely waterfall not far into the walk which provided some fresh air and a chance to pause for a moment.

Once we eventually reached the top it was then a pleasant walk to the lake, it’s a beautiful green area with mountains on all sides and a stunning blue/green lake in the middle.  

There was a race on today so the area was nicely busy and we stopped at a restaurant for a drink before looking for a suitable place to have our picnic.  

There were some public toilets by the lake and plenty of nice places to sit.  We found a good patch by the edge of the lake and admired the view while we ate but we hadn’t prepared well for the rapidly changing temperatures at that height and it got rather cold at one point so we hastened through our lunch and began the climb back rather than staying longer to explore the lake a bit more.  

"We found a nice patch by the edge of the lake and admired the view"