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CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans (NW)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We couldn't resist trying the world's first open-topped, double-decker aerial cableway which is the CabriO.  The most beautiful panoramic 360° view at the top with the wind in your face...a fantastic experience!

CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans - Switzerland Family Travel Blog

We received our tickets for the Cabrio a little while ago and had been saving them for our holiday week.

If you haven’t heard of it before it’s an OPEN-TOPPED télécabine that takes you up into the mountains.

We found the parking easily then it took us a moment to understand that the experience starts with a little cog train that takes you to the télécabine station. We asked where the best place to sit was and were advised that the open area at the back was a good spot so we climbed aboard and set off. The advice was good and we had a beautiful view of the countryside below us as the train climbed higher. It was a lovely experience and the children loved waving at cows and people we passed on the way.

CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans - Switzerland Family Travel Blog

On arrival we crossed over to the Cabrio cabin. There was a spiral staircase inside to take us to the top floor which is indeed roof-less! We had a nice sunny day and remembered to pack our sun hats with us. The view was incredible!! We could see lakes and mountains stretching out below us as we rose higher in the sky. It lasts just 6 minutes so we tried to enjoy every second!

CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans - Switzerland Family Travel Blog

Once at the top (1,898m), there are lots of hiking paths but we decided to walk up to the highest peak. It wasn’t far and it’s a lovely walk, it's very steep in places but probably manageable with a pushchair for the really determined. There is a restaurant at the top and we also saw people sitting on the grass picnicking and we wished we had better organised ourselves to do the same.

We really loved the little marmotte enclosure where we could watch them pottering about and we had difficulty getting Alba to come away. As an aside, Alba decided to throw her new cap over the edge of the rails so if anyone comes across a little pink cap with hearts on it, you know who is responsible.

We stopped often to take pictures as we walked and marvel at the scenery around us but the photos dont really do it justice. We agreed that it was probably one of the most impressive views we have encountered so far in Switzerland and it was hard to tear our eyes away.

CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans - Switzerland Family Travel Blog

CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans - Switzerland Family Travel Blog

CabriO Stanserhorn | Stans - Switzerland Family Travel Blog

According to Director Jürg Balsiger, ‘Our vision was to enhance the experience during the journey. We wanted to offer the guests a new dimension.’ From the 5 of us, we can guarantee that this a new dimension and something unique and magical to be suspended with this breathtaking view.

Unforgettable experience, just go & enjoy!


Parking : Yes (to be paid)

Toilets : Yes

Accessibility : Baby-Carriers recommended but probably manageable with a folding pushchair

Time : 1h minimum

Timetable : April to mid-November (17.11.2019)

Weather : you can check the weather here!

Price: Return CHF 74.00 Adults - Try the Good Morning Ticket CHF 64


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