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The Earth Pyramids of Euseigne (VS) | En

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We visited the earth pyramids of Euseigne which are one of Switzerland's most important geological sights.

The earth pyramids are very impressive protected monuments in the alps which were created at the end of the last ice age about 80,000 to 10,000 years ago. The pyramids were formed from debris which remained when the ice retreated and were then sculpted by rain and meltwater over the years into the unusual shapes we can see today.

It’s hard to miss them when you drive along the road and we parked in the car park next to a picnic area and followed a path down to get a closer look. It’s a very short and relatively easy walk made somewhat more complicated for us with Elio and Alba on our backs in the baby carriers (Alba likes to rock from side to side in the carrier at the moment which is rather unhelpful when you’re walking along next to a steep drop).

Following the path led us very close to the base of the pyramids so we could really appreciate the scale of the structures. The ground underfoot up close is rocky and uneven so it would be dangerous if it’s wet and not easy in places for children. As well as the monuments, the track gives you some great views across the valley below.

After stopping for a while to admire the glorious sights around us, we were all hungry and ready to return to our car for lunch.


Parking : Yes

Toilets : No

Baby Change Facilities : No

Accessibility : Baby carrier recommended, not possible for pushchairs or wheelchairs


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