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Home office in the mountains | Swisspeak Resorts Vercorin (VS)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We found a quiet place to work which also allows you to escape to the mountains: Swisspeak Resorts Vercorin.

Home office in the mountains |  Swisspeak Resorts Vercorin (VS)

We made our first visit to Swiss Peak in Vercorin in 2019 and immediately fell in love with the place. We were looking for somewhere to spend a few days during the school holidays and when we were invited back to Vercorin, we jumped at the chance. Jean was working partially so the fact that they were able to offer us a separate studio for him to work in really sealed the deal.

We arrived just after lunch on Tuesday and it was just as nice as we remembered, with modern decoration and well appointed rooms. As well as the studio, we had a two bedroom duplex apartment which provided plenty of space for us all, so we dropped our bags and went to have a drink on the terrace.

The staff were all friendly and helpful, making sure we had everything that we needed and we enjoyed a nice hour sitting on the terrace in the sunshine. Jean had to go to check his emails etc after that so I let Elio have a nap while Jude, Alba and I settled down to some serious colouring. The fact that Jean had a separate place to work was really a life saver because its impossible for him to work with the children shouting, and its very hard for me to keep them quiet if he needs to make phone calls etc.

Jean was really happy with the studio as there was everything he needed: a big screen, a desk, a gaming chair, TV, coffee machine, bathroom and even a sofa. The space is perfect for working and having separate room made life so much easier for him. Like lots of people at the moment, he has lots of video calls and it was much easier to manage those without the children making cameo appearances :-). When he had finished, he could come to enjoy the mountain surroundings with us so it really was the best of both worlds and he was definitely impressed the concept of home office in the mountains!

When he came back, we were ready to think about dinner. We had a full-board package which included breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar and restaurant are open to residents only but we decided to eat our meals in the bedroom since Elio likes to shout in restaurants :-/. This was a really good option as it gave me a break from cooking but enabled us all to eat in the comfort of our own space. Once we had finished, the children all settled down in their beds and were soon fast asleep.

Our plan for the next morning was to try the treasure hunt around the village. We collected a sheet containing the clues from the tourist office and set off in the sunshine to discover the village. It's a great way to explore and the children really loved looking for and cracking the clues. The route took us to places we hadn’t seen before including some great panorama views and we were really lucky to be able to watch some para-gliders setting off which we all found mesmerising. Jude and Alba could have spent a lot longer there but we eventually managed to encourage them to continue on the course. It was a really lovely walk around the village in the sunshine and we headed back to the tourist office when we had finished to collect the prize.

Home office in the mountains |  Swisspeak Resorts Vercorin (VS)

All this treasure hunting had given us an appetite so we went back to SwissPeak to enjoy lunch on the terrace. The menu du jour was great with salad followed by chicken in a delicious lemon sauce with chips then we all chose our desserts. The children loved it and Alba even polished off her entire bowl of salad (something of a first for her:-)). Elio was getting a bit agitated by this point so I took him back to the room to rest while Jude and Alba played with their toys and Jean went to the studio to catch up on his work.

Towards the end of the afternoon we decided to pop out for another short walk to soak up the last of the sunshine before heading back to the apartment for dinner which we took in our room again.

We were so happy to have this little break which meant we could combine family time with Jean's work commitments. Vercorin is a really beautiful village with quaint streets and little boutiques. The location of the SwissPeak resort right next to the cable lift means that you can easily explore the many skiing and sledging options nearby, as well as lots of great hiking trails such as the Sentier des Marmottes which we tried on our last visit.

Its definitely worth a visit.


Swisspeak Resorts

Zinal and Vercorin | FROM 01.11.2020 TO 18.04.2021

You can rent our studios for CHF60.- a day (8 hours)

Our studios are also available for non-residents (CHF 120.- per day)

Offer includes :

  • 1 x Studio 21m2

  • 1 x desk/table

  • 1 x computer screen

  • 1 x office chair

  • 1 x coffee machine

  • 1 x private WC

  • 1 x sofa

  • 1 x conference room (under reservation)

  • Free WiFi


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