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Sentier des marmottes | Vercorin (VS)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We spent few days in a wonderful holiday resort in Valais. We tried the Sentier des Marmottes hikes and were astounded by the view!

Sentier des marmottes | Vercorin - Swiss Family Hike - Best of Switzerland

After a nice lunch we decided to take advantage of the first sunny weather we had seen since we arrived in Valais and took the télécabine up to Crêt-du-midi (2'230 meters). It’s absolutely stunning up there with a restaurant and play area for the children. There are lots of different paths but we decided to try the sentier des Marmottes trail which would take us to the télécabine station further below where we would finish our journey down in the air.

Sentier des marmottes | Vercorin - Swiss Family Hike - Best of Switzerland
Follow these signs

We rather like these downhill only walks at the moment and this one starts off through mountain scenery then soon descends into beautiful forests. The path is very rocky so wear good shoes and definitely leave the pushchair at home. There had been a lot of rain recently so the path was a bit slippery in places too but we all managed pretty well - apart from Alba who refused to walk after about 20 minutes of stone collecting. I was happy to carry her so that I could walk at my own pace and she soon fell asleep.

The path is well signposted and even though we were a bit disappointed not to see any Marmottes, there are lots of cool surprise activities for the children along the way which helped to break up the walk if the children start to lose interest. In fact Elio was laughing so much and so loudly, I think he would have scared away and Marmottes.

Towards the end of the trail we started to hear the sound of a donkey braying and discovered a field FULL of them much to Alba’s delight. After that there is an area where you can try zip lines from the trees for courageous visitors.

We really loved this walk and even Jude said he enjoyed it. Well worth trying if you are looking for a nice hike in the area.


Parking : Yes (free in summer apparently)

Toilets : Yes

Accessibility : Baby-Carriers

Time : 1h15

Distance : 3.5km


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