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Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon

Immersed in the heart of the French Alps, our family found a weekend paradise at Club Med Grand Massif in Samoëns, celebrating birthdays, basking in unforgettable views, and experiencing a wealth of memorable moments.

Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon

What a dream weekend we had at Club Med Grand Massif in Samoëns.

We couldn’t quite believe it when we received the invitation to visit during their summer festival last weekend. We set off after school on Thursday and we were joined by Jean's parents on our arrival who were spending the weekend with us to celebrate Elio’s 8th birthday.

Check-in was easy and we were soon given our bracelets which would give us access to our room. We were given connecting rooms so that the children had plenty of space in one room while Jean could enjoy some peace next door. The room was really nice with a lovely light bathroom and balcony. Jean’s parents were next door which was really practical so that the children could pop in to see them (which they did regularly :-)).

We unpacked and got ready for the evening. One of the things we really loved about the resort is that every evening is different with a range of entertainment and themes with plenty to keep the children occupied. The theme for the first night was white so we all got changed and headed for the Skyline Gourmet Lounge where the apéro was happening. It’s a beautiful space with amazing terrace and views where you can get a drink from the bar and help yourself to the huge selection of food while listening to some live music (they played Hey Jude at one point which made Jude beam with pride :-)). It was lovely to catch up with Jean's parents and discuss the plans for the weekend before heading down a level to Le Cozy Mountain restaurant.

It’s a real WOW to walk through the door when you see the size of the restaurant and the large quantities of different food on offer. We installed ourselves and set off to explore the options. We were really spoilt for choice and Jude and Alba were running around in circles with excitement, not knowing where to start. We all picked starters before going back for more :-). The food is really good and there is something for every dietary requirement which was nice to see. There is a dedicated area for smaller children with pots of baby food and a place to heat food so it was easy to find things for Elio to eat too. He was soon nodding off in his chair so Jean’s mum took him to bed while the rest of us went back up to the Skyline Lounge to check out the music. Alba was thrilled to see the dance floor and DJ so we decided to stay a little while and dance. Jude was a bit reticent at first but soon joined us in a family dance-off before we all headed off to bed.

We had a fun day planned for Friday which started with a nice big breakfast. Following that we took Alba down to the kids club. There are different clubs for different age groups which means that children are able to participate in activities suitable for their age. Alba was a little unsure when she arrived but the staff were really kind and soon put her at ease. Elio was spending the morning with his grandparents and Jude, Jean and I were heading out for a family hike.

We met the rest of the group and headed for the cable car which would take us down to Samoëns. The walk was led by Sebastien who was very knowledgeable and made the walk really interesting. We took the path through the forest, along the river to a waterfall where Sebastien invited Jude and a few others to explore a bit further. Jude was really happy to be included in this little group of explorers and did a great job of navigating the rocks. We really enjoyed the walk which was a perfect length of time for us and not too challenging. The resort organises lots of activities depending on your preference including VTT, fitness sessions and of course skiing in the winter so you never need to feel bored.

We went to collect Alba who had had a wonderful time at the kids club and were all ready for lunch. We started with a drink on the terrace outside where there was more live music and food to nibble on as we soaked up the atmosphere before lunch. Again, there was a huge amount of choice for lunch and plenty of healthy options which I was really happy to see.

On the agenda for the afternoon was a highly anticipated trip to the swimming pool for everyone. We weren’t sure how Elio would manage as the water felt a tiny bit cool but he LOVED it and was soon splashing around in his swim ring. It was pure joy to see him enjoying himself so much along with his brother and sister. As well as the main indoor pool, there is a shallow paddling pool, outdoor pool and jacuzzi so plenty of choice for everyone.

After a little rest, we were ready for the evening. The theme for the second night was “elegant” so we all enjoyed getting dressed up and Jude dug out his little blazer for the occasion. We had a nice dinner and headed down to the stage area where there was more live music. We discovered some cool music and would have been happy to stay later but Jude and Alba fell asleep on their Papi so we decided it was time for bed.

Saturday was an important day because it was Elio’s birthday and we were so excited to celebrate with him. To start the day, Jean had organised a massage for me in the spa area which I was so excited about. His plan during this time was to take the children outside and play some football but the rain changed the plan so instead they found a cosy spot in the bar and played some Uno (available at the hotel's front desk).

The massage was really great and very welcome after a tough week. They use wonderful products which made my skin feel lovely and soft and the massage was really tailored to my needs.

For lunch, we had asked if it would be possible to have a cake for Elio which was brought out by the staff who sang happy birthday to him. He was so excited (happy birthday happens to be his all time favourite song :-)) and managed to eat plenty of cake, after which we put him into bed to rest a while before another birthday trip to the swimming pool.

The theme for our last night was black so we all got dressed and went for another nice family dinner before checking out the entertainment for the evening which was a really cool band, playing a great selection of songs so Alba and I went to dance while Jean, his dad and Jude went to watch the football. We headed off to bed when the football finished and were ready for a good nights sleep.

There is so much that we loved about Club Med including the friendliness of the staff (literally everyone we met was so friendly and helpful), the facilities for Elio meant that everywhere was accessible and he was welcomed warmly wherever we went (including the swimming pool). The whole resort was spotlessly clean and super well organised but above all, the thing we loved the most was the fact that we really felt cocooned. The wonderful thing about the all inclusive formula is that you really feel free to disconnect without having to worry about anything. It meant we were really able to immerse ourselves in the family activities and enjoy time all together. It was beautiful to see Elio being able to join in and he was so calm there, it made us all feel really relaxed. It’s an ideal place for family gatherings in a lovely spot where you can simply focus on each other.

A few people have asked us if Club Med is worth the price and the answer for us is a resounding yes as you will create unforgettable family memories there.


Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon

3868 Route du plateau des Saix,

74340 Samoëns, France

+33 4 50 78 60 00


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