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Barryland - Musée et Chiens du Saint Bernard (VS)

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

We have been meaning to visit Barry Land for a very long time and finally had the chance at the weekend.

Easily the best part for us was being able to see the puppies. You can’t get close to the little ones but apparently you can approach the larger dogs at certain times during the day but we missed that. The children enjoyed watching the pups taking a bit of exercise outside and Alba and Jude immediately fell in love. It will be a while before they stop asking us for a St Bernard :-).

Jean and I found the museum interesting but the children weren’t too keen on that part and were grumbling a bit until we arrived on the top floor where there is a large play area with videos, places to hide and activities. They could have happily spent the morning running about up there.

It’s a nice enough outing if you are in the area and the price is reasonable for the entertainment on offer.



Rue du Levant 34,

CH-1920 Martigny

Tel: +41 (0)27 720 53 53


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