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Safari de Peaugres: A night in a cabin sleeping above bears and wolves

Updated: Jun 20

From the spectacle of bears climbing trees to the chorus of wolf howls under the moonlight, our weekend escape to Safari de Peaugres, nested snugly in our private cabin, was an adventure that transported us into the heart of the wild.

Safari de Peaugres: A night in a cabin sleeping above bears and wolves

What an amazing time we spent at the Safari de Peaugres. We collected the children from school on Friday and set off on our adventure. We decided to leave Elio at his school accommodation where he would be more comfortable so it was just the four of us this weekend.

It took us about three hours to get there in Friday afternoon traffic but we arrived in plenty of time to enjoy the evening. Although the safari park was closed, guests staying in the cabins have special access to lots of wonderful things. We were really impressed with the welcome we received at the main entrance. The instructions were very clear so we knew exactly where to go, what time we would be able to see the animal feedings and the arrangements for dinner.

Safari de Peaugres: A night in a cabin sleeping above bears and wolves

We saw an electric buggy outside and jumped in to be taken to our cabin with our suitcase. It was a short ride and we had soon arrived. The cabins are well spaced apart giving guests plenty of privacy and they all overlook the bear and wolf enclosure which was very exciting for the children. We were really impatient to explore and the accommodation was even better than we imagined with a cosy living space, well appointed kitchen, nice double bed and huge bathroom which was nicer than some we have encountered in smart hotels. Up a little ladder there were two sets of cosy bunkbeds for the children and a cool net for them to climb on. We loved it!

We had chosen our evening meal in advanced and it was already waiting for us to heat up later. There was also a nice cold bottle of water in the fridge and some milk which was really useful for preparing tea and hot chocolate :-).

We decided to head back to the main entrance where there is a mini farm The children were happy to climb into the enclosure and stroke the goats, see the llamas, cows and pigs. There is also a large play area.

During June they are also offering wine tasting on Friday evenings which is a really nice idea. There is a little shop selling snacks and drinks so we stocked up before heading back to the cabin for dinner. It was a lovely warm evening so we ate outside and were really impressed by the quality of the food. At one point the wolves started to howl below us which was exciting and something none of us had ever heard in real life before. After dinner we took a quick stroll around the cabin and saw a bear climbing a tree which Jude and Alba found hilarious. Then it was time for bed.

We were all awake at 6am for some reason and up and dressed by 7.00 by which time we were ready for breakfast which is delivered in a basket to the base of the cabin. We loved this idea and were soon unpacking croissants and pastries, bread, jam and yoghurt outside to start the day. We then got ourselves packed up before we joined the ranger and our fellow guests to feed the wolves and bears. This was an exciting moment as the children were invited to throw in some apples for the bears and we learned lots of interesting facts about both animals. Guests are also invited to join le réveil du safari. Led by our guide who was really kind and gave just the right amount of interesting information, we visited the tigers, lions and cheetahs and were allowed inside the enclosure of the makis catta who are really sweet little lemurs. I think that was my favourite part.

It’s clear that the animals in the safari are well looked after and the park is not only focussed on helping to conserve protected species in their own site, but they also support various associations all over the world who work on helping endangered species.

There are two options for visiting the park, both included in the overnight stay package. You can either walk around on foot which takes about 3 hours, or you can drive around which takes about 1 hour. We weren’t sure the children would manage three hours in the heat so we opted for the car visit. It’s really fun for the children and reminded me of the excitement of visiting a safari park in England with my family when I was a child. We were able to see hippos, rhinoceros, zebras and bears as well as plenty of others in close quarters.

We really loved everything about our stay at the Safari de Peaugres. It's extremely well run which meant that we didn’t have to worry about anything and could really focus on enjoying this wonderful family visit. I really love anywhere which provides us with the chance to disconnect from the world outside and this is definitely such a place. A really unique experience for children and adults alike.

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