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Yatoo Family Center (VD)

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We discovered a brand new spot for the whole family just ten minutes from Lausanne!

Yatoo Family Center is really a great place for an outing with the children and there is so much to do, everyone will find something to suit them.

Jean loved the virtual reality room (it’s amazing!), I loved the neon (!) mini golf, Alba went crazy in the jungle playroom full of slides, tunnels, ball pits, things to climb on, things to jump on and some electric cars and we all loved the trampoline room, especially the pool full of foam cubes!

There are also sweet machines and a little restaurant serving food and drinks, and very practical free lockers so that you can liberate yourself of your belongings and jump around. All the staff we met were really friendly and helpful and its generally just a very cool place.

You need to buy the Yatoo socks at the entrance to wear on the premises but you can keep them to bring back next time.

We were in big trouble with Jude for going without him (he and Elio were at school) so we will be going back again soon so he can try it out.


Yatoo Family Center

Turn left at the white point if you come from Lausanne.

Trampoline room

Prix adultes 1 heure CHF 18.- 2 heures CHF 30.-

Prix réduits (7-16ans/étudiants/AVS) 1 heure CHF 15.- 2 heures CHF 25.-

Jungle Kids

Prix 1-3 ans Entrée CHF 7.- En cadeau + 2 jetons karting

Prix 4-12 ans Entrée CHF 15.- En cadeau + 2 jetons karting


Prix adultes Entrée CHF 12.-

Prix réduit (4-16 ans/étudiants/AVS) Entrée CHF 9.-

Prix enfants 0 à 3 ans Entrée gratuite

Virtual reality

Prix adultes 1 heure CHF 45.-

Prix réduits (Etudiants/AVS) 1 heure CHF 39.-


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