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Sledging in the forest | St-Cergue | VD

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Hidden gem around St-Cergue! Fantastic place to walk and sledge in the snow!

Sledging in the wild | St-Cergue - Vaud

We have decided to really make the most of the winter this year and have been getting outside in the snow as much as possible.

Our usual sledging spot has been soooo busy the last couple of weeks that we couldn’t even find a place to park on a few occasions, so we had to try and find another location.

On our way up to St Cergue for some sledging with Alba and Jude last week, I spotted a few cars parked next to a small road and we kept it in mind in case we couldn’t park at La Givrine. Indeed the large quantity of roadside parking was already full so we turned around to investigate our plan B.

Sledging in the wild | St-Cergue - Vaud

This place is just outside Arzier and we were able to park and unpack the sledge and followed the road downhill. We thought this might just be a nice small stroll on a quiet road, but at the bottom we saw the start of a parcoursvita which led into the woods and decided to explore.

Sledging in the wild | St-Cergue - Parcours Vita Zurich
Sledging in the wild | St-Cergue - Vaud

This turned out to be a really lovely snowy trail through the trees and it was easy to pull the children along the path on their sledges and there were plenty of downhill slopes for the children to use their sledges. The path is 1.7km which was perfect for us.

Sledging in the wild | St-Cergue - Vaud

Near the end of the track is a picnic area which we thought would be a good spot for a restorative hot chocolate. Jude really loved it and he gained lots of confidence as he mastered the sledge and whizzed through the forest. With beautiful scenery and lots to explore, this is definitely going to be one our favourite paths for the year ahead.

Sledging in the wild | St-Cergue - Vaud

We should point out that this is a forest walk with lots of hills so there is some dragging sledges (and children) uphill involved. Some of the downhill slopes are narrow and dangerous for children on sledges with trees at the sides and the bottom so important to take extra care. We made sure the children had their helmets on and Alba who is less confident only did very small sledge runs with us hovering closely beside her.

Discover our video below :-)

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Parcours Vita

You can park here:

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Penny Brooks
Penny Brooks
09 ene 2021

During these dark times I love to read about the adventures my family are still able to undertake safely. Memories are being made all the time. Some wonderful, some less so, but losing myself in the snow and the beauty of the surroundings gives me hope that I will soon be re-united with my wonderful family of 5. Love you all X

Me gusta
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