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Maison d'Ailleurs (VD) l En

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

We visited “The Expo Where You Are the Hero” which reflects upon the game in its different forms (board games, miniatures games, role playing games, video games, gamebooks, storytelling).

Maison d'Ailleurs (VD) l  Family Travel Blog Switzerland by the Family of 5

We headed in the direction of Yverdon last week and had a bit of a fail when we arrived at an animal park we had been searching for only to discover that it was pretty small and quickly done. Oh, and halfway round it started to rain a lot so we piled back in the car and decided to visit Maison d’ailleurs which Jean had been wanting to visit for ages. We parked in a large public car park not far from the museum and off we went.

Jean had been pretty vague about the subject of the museum in the car and when we arrived I understood why as it’s focussed on the topic of gaming which I must admit is not a huge area of interest to me. Jude was very excited so I kept an open mind as we started the tour.

Inside it’s a very cool space and we started the tour on the ground floor with lots of interesting information about the history of game playing from early board games to modern video games.  

Maison d'Ailleurs (VD) l  Family Travel Blog Switzerland by the Family of 5

The second floor was great with lots of interesting lighting and loads to look at including figures from lots of board games over time and lots memorabilia to look at.

From there we went up to the top floor where there was an area where the children could try some video games. These were probably more suitable for older children but Jude enjoyed trying anyway. We crossed a small walkway into the Jules Verne space which is a huge library area full of books and magazines which taught us more about the life and work of one of the most translated authors. Check out the “poster-o-tron” which the children really liked.

It was a nice outing. I’d maybe say our children were a bit too young to appreciate a lot of it but they certainly enjoyed it and it was a very interesting visit.


Parking : Yes

Toilets : Yes

Baby Change Facilities : No

Accessibility : Possible for pushchairs or wheelchairs

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday and public holidays: 11am. – 6pm. December 25 and January 1: closed.

Admission Fees

Adults: CHF 12.- AVS, AI, Students, Unemployed: CHF 10.- Children above 6 years old: CHF 8.- Family Price (3 to 6 people, children from 6 to 16 y. o.): CHF 24.-


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