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We are postcard addicts!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

How often do you post a letter or a card? Discover the first blog post in our new category "Lifestyle"!

 Lucky pig stamps from Swiss Post - Lifestyle Family of 5 Switzerland

In my family, we’ve always been big corresponders, ranging from little notes left in school bags and lunchboxes, to unexpected deliveries in the post. The run up to birthdays always sees a gradually building pile of cards arriving through the letterbox, and everything from a new house to a wedding anniversary is an excuse to let other family members know we are thinking about them.

We are trying to encourage our children to keep this tradition alive and we often create our own cards, or make a joint effort of choosing the perfect postcard when we are out and about so this collaboration with Swiss Post is a perfect fit for us.

This time it was Alba who chose our card to send to their French Papi since Jean’s father has had to take some time off work to rest over the summer. We see them relatively often and in between visits, we send messages and catch up via video calls, but this time we wanted to send a card to surprise him before he starts back at work.

 Lucky pig stamps from Swiss Post - Lifestyle Family of 5 Switzerland

When I asked Jude why he thought we should send the card he said "because we miss him" and it led to a discussion about keeping in touch with family who live further away, and the seemingly more perturbing fact that he hasn’t yet met Grandma’s cats. Since Alba and Elio aren’t writing yet, we gave them some stickers to make their contribution to the card and the finished result was, as you can see, pretty spectacular. Jude’s favourite part is always sticking on the stamp and we had trouble parting him from these new, super tactile, lucky pig stamps from Swiss Post. We all agreed that this kind of envelope dressing makes such a nice extra touch for the recipient and everyone had a little stroke before we got it in place. We had to stop Jude from sticking them all over non-postable items such as his bike and his sister, and instead he now has a long list of people he wants to send cards to, including the neighbours and all of his cousins.

In a world of instant communication in the form of texts and emails, there is something special about flicking through the post as it arrives and seeing a handwritten envelope amongst the invoices, but it’s equally special to be the one choosing a greetings card or putting pen to paper to connect with a loved one and imagining their face when they receive it. The next best part of course, is setting off into the village by bicycle with Daddy to deposit it safely in the letterbox.

 Lucky pig stamps from Swiss Post - Lifestyle Family of 5 Switzerland

These and other stamps are available online or at Swiss Post branches. Find some inspiration and information about writing just here! And you what's your #Reasons2write ?

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