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Updated: Sep 9, 2018

We have visited Vitam Parc a few times now. Let me start with the pre-children visits if i can cast my mind back that far! Easily reached by car and indeed by bus from Geneva, Vitam Parc is situated in Neydens just across the French/Swiss border.

As a couple, my husband and I would buy tickets for the adult only spa area which cost €30 each (for 3 hours). There are plenty of mixed sex changing rooms which lead on to separate sex toilets and shower areas before reaching the pool. We would usually cross straight through the busy main pool area to reach the entrance for the spa at the back. It’s a lovely area with an outside pool area with jets and jacuzzi areas. It’s great out there in summer and

We’ve also enjoyed a few evenings in the winter where you can lie back and watch the stars. From there we would go back inside and enjoy the Turkish spa and sauna areas with four pools of varying temperatures. I love the Turkish baths with their twinkly lights and fragrant humid air. We could quite happily spend a tranquil couple of hours before departing feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Now the other side of the equation :-). We don’t go as often to Vitam Parc with the children now as they outnumber us, but if we can find an extra pair of hands it’s a good family outing. There is plenty of parking out the front and a lift down to the main reception area. There are a number of family changing cabins with changing tables, a bin etc which is very practical.

"The large main area is very warm and the water is more than 30degrees so it’s perfect for little swimmers."

The large main area is very warm and the water is more than 30degrees so it’s perfect for little swimmers. There is a nice toddlers pool for smaller children to paddle in a lots of games for them to explore. Then there is the bigger pool with a lazy river which our children love as the current buffets them along a circular path. The outside area here is nice too and there are jets and bubbles for the children to enjoy. There are 5 water slides inside with an extra 4 outside in the summer so there is plenty to keep everyone busy.

Our most recent visit was a treat for Elio and we went along to the baby swimming session on Sunday starting at 9am and costing €13 per child. It’s a good time to go with smaller children and babies as the swimming area is reserved just for little ones and there are plenty of floats and toys available for them to grab onto and explore the water. The session is supervised by an instructor who made sure he went round all the parents to offer guidance and answer questions.

When the session was over and we left the building at 10 o’clock we saw there were a huge number of people waiting to get in so we really had the feeling to have left at the right time.

As a general summary, Vitam Parc is a great place for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s for a relaxing escape à deux or a fun outing for all the family. It’s reasonably priced and great all year round.


Parking : Yes

Toilets : Yes

Baby Change Facilities : Yes

Accessibility : Possible with a pushchair inside

Website :

500 Impasse des Envignes,

74160 Neydens,



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