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Sledging in Les Diablerets (VD) | En

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

We tried one of the longest luge tracks in Switzerland! This 7 km long track in the resort of Les Diablerets, in the Vaudois Alps, is great fun for families!

Sledging in Les Diablerets - The Family of 5 Switzerland

What luck that Alba woke us all up at 5.30 this morning as we had an early start and were ready well in advance of our 8am departure. Thank you Alba!!

Today we had an extra pair of hands in the form of Jean’s Aunt Vero (who is also Elio’s god mother and generally wonderful human being), and we were heading for Les Diablerets where we were going to try out one of the longest luge pistes in Europe.

We were glad to have left early because when we arrived, there was still space to park, plenty of sledges available and no wait to get on the cable car up to the start of the piste.

Sledging in Les Diablerets - The Family of 5 Switzerland

We loved the ride up the mountain. The views were amazing and we were greeted with full sunshine and sparkly snow when we got off the cable car where we decided to fortify ourselves with a quick hot chocolate before we set off on our descent.

Our sledging experience up to now has been limited to the garden and the fields behind our house in snowy weather and we were a little dubious when we saw the track where the course started looked quite steep so we had a quick practice to get used to the sledges.

Sledging in Les Diablerets - The Family of 5 Switzerland

We decided that it helped to keep the reigns short, and we were steering by digging our heels into the snow in the direction in which we wanted to turn. Not sure if this is proper sledging form but it worked for us.

Once we got the hang of it, it was a really a brilliant experience and so exhilarating as we whizzed through the beautiful mountain scenery. We had a child each and I was with Jude who giggled almost the whole time but especially when we went over bumps and down the bigger slopes. I must admit I found it hard not to laugh like a maniac too.

Sledging in Les Diablerets - The Family of 5 Switzerland

Alba was with Vero and this little tiger impressed us as usual by sitting confidently up front and laughing and singing (« Let it Go », obviously) as they overtook everyone. Jean fared less well with Elio in the front baby carrier. Reasonable to say that it was not really Elio’s favourite thing and he shouted quite a lot as we expected.

Sledging in Les Diablerets - The Family of 5 Switzerland

There are a few sharp turns and one area where the luge piste runs very close to the ski piste so it’s important to keep control of your speed and keep your eyes open for areas where the protective walls of snow are less pronounced. It was quiet as we descended and we only passed a handful of other sledges which I was pleased about as I wasn’t quite ready for obstacles.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the bottom with a couple of stops to catch each other up and admire the view on the way. When we went to return the sledges we saw that there were only 6 left and the queue for the cable car was very long so we were really glad that we arrived early.

We wore our ski gear and gloves, hats etc despite the weather forecast predicting lots of sun and warm temperatures, and we were glad we did as it was -4 when we arrived and you get a good breeze when you build up a bit of speed coming down. I just wish I had remembered to take my sun glasses with me.

We all really loved it (apart from Elio) and would happily go again. We’d love to take our little nieces and nephews if we can persuade them into a visit.

Really a unique and memorable experience and one definitely worth trying.


Parking : Yes

Toilets : Yes

Baby Change Facilities : Not that we saw

Accessibility : Not suitable for pushchairs

Recommended age: from 3 years old with an adult / From 8 years old without an accompanying person. The track is suitable for skate sleds and skate bobsleds. Plastic bobsleds are prohibited. The ascent by cable car is free for holders of a day, stay or season pass and for children born in 2013 and after.

SLEDGE RENTAL : Booking of sledges is recommended with the sled rental companies (price from CHF 12.- to CHF 20.- per sled) -


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