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Sentier du Bois de la Côte (VD) l En

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

On Sunday we decided to head in the direction of Lausanne to complete the Sentier du Bois walk which is located in Echandens.

Sentier du Bois de la Côte (VAUD) - Family of 5 - Lausanne

It was a very wet day so we were looking for a short walk to stretch our legs and this was perfect as it’s not too long (we completed the circuit of the walk in about 45 minutes) and is full of interesting things to see including a beautiful view of the river rushing past and lovely forest scenery with panels everywhere to tell you what you are looking at as you go.

Sentier du Bois de la Côte (VAUD) - Family of 5 - Lausanne

As we walked through the forest I was really struck by how much our walks have changed over the last 6 months. Jude who would always have be glued to our sides now races ahead or, more frequently, dawdles behind us, caught up in his imagination where sticks become swords, vines become ropes and leaves in puddles are fish waiting to be caught.

Sentier du Bois de la Côte (VAUD) - Family of 5 - Lausanne

It’s a pretty easy walk with just a few steep parts. Lots of leaves to scuff our feet in and wonderful puddles to jump in.

A perfect Sunday walk.


Parking : Yes

Toilets : No

Baby Change Facilities : No

Accessibility : Dependent on the location


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