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Playball Kids (VD) l En

We discovered a great club for children from age 2 through to age 8 for jumping, throwing, rolling, hitting, catching, kicking, from learning a variety of sports skills, to having fun with mini games of tennis, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and much, much more!

Playball Kids Switzerland - Swiss Family Travel Blog
Summer Camps - Playball Kids

I’m going through a phase of finding it hard to manage all three children alone in public. Alba runs wild, Jude eggs her on and Elio likes to scream for no reason, so when Carla at Playball suggested I pop in to try one of their sessions in Vich, I must admit I panicked a bit about tying to control them all.

I need not have worried. The building in Vich is easy to find with parking directly outside. Carla is delightful and immediately put the children at ease and to my astonishment, both Jude and Alba obediently followed her instructions and did as they were told.

If you haven’t heard of Playball before, the concept is great : "Using Sport as a means to provide children with a sound base from which to develop every aspect of their lives."

The session covered activities which helped them not just to understand how to play games, but also work on things like coordination, sharing, following instructions, teamwork and patience.

Jude is great in class situations and takes these things very seriously but I was surprised that Alba held her concentration for long enough to participate on some level in most of the session which was aimed at children aged 4+. I struggle to get her to focus sufficiently to finish breakfast!! It was such a well paced class that none of us saw the time passing and the children were sad to leave.

If you are looking for something different to do with your children, this is it. Carla is running summer camps in Nyon too so you can sign your children up for a week long play ball experience.

When we left, Jude asked if he could come again and Alba spent most of the evening admiring the stamp she received on her hand for completing the class. It's a great way to build up children's confidence in a fun and active environment. Thank you very much to Carla for inviting us.


Parking : Yes

Toilets : Yes

Baby Change Facilities : No

Accessibility : Possible for pushchairs

Visit the following link to book your Weekly Classes or Summer Camps.


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