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Les Géants de l’Age de Glace | Rennaz (VD)

The biggest exhibition of the Ice Age in Europe. A journey through time that will plunge you 10,000 years in the past with mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, megaloceros and many other animals of the megafauna!

Les Géants de l’Age de Glace Suisse Blog Family

We were looking for an activity during the Christmas holidays and a bit of a web search led us to the Les Géants de L'Age de Glace in Rennaz.

We followed the sat nat which directed us to the site of an empty Coop building on an industrial estate where the exhibition is housed.  There was plenty of free parking outside which made things nice and easy in the cold.

We could tell that the children were going to enjoy it with large moving models greeting us as soon as we walked in.  It’s well laid out and there is plenty to look at, and lots of interesting information.  The models were really lifelike and gave us a mind blowing insight into the size of some of these creatures, especially the mammoths which towered over us all. The exhibition is nicely atmospheric with sprinklings of snow everywhere and different lighting as you move from area to area. 

Les Géants de l’Age de Glace Suisse Blog Family

Jude is at the age where he has lots of questions so we read the panels together to help quench his thirst for knowledge.  Alba on the other hand ran from one to the other imitating the noises she thought they might have made and introducing herself.  Jude was fascinated by the sabre-toothed tiger and Alba seemed very smitten which a large ancestor of the crocodile which surprised us all.

Ice age exposition Switzerland Blog

At the end of the exhibition is an ice rink and a play area including a bouncy castle for the children, plus a snack bar on the first floor.  

The exhibition is open every day (including Sundays and holidays) until 1st March 2020 so its a great way to spend an hour to two indoors.


Parking : Yes

Toilets : Yes

Accessibility : only ground floor accessible to visitors with reduced mobility and pushchairs.

Ancienne COOP Brico+Loisirs Rennaz Pré-de-la-Croix 18 1847 Rennaz

Tickets are to be picked up at the ticket counter. No reservation necessary.

Family pack : CHF 49.-

Adults: CHF 17.-

Children (4-14): CHF 9.-


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