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L'Exploracentre (GE) l En

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

We were invited for the opening of Exploracentre ! This is an interactive, educational, and recreational museum aimed at everyone above 3 years old.  « La science fait son cirque » is their first exhibition that takes you deep in the mesmerizing world of a circus backstage. 

L'Exploracentre (GE) - Switzerland - Family of 5

I think the ONLY benefit of having three children who like to get up excessively early is that we never have to worry about being late to go anywhere. Indeed, I actually can’t remember the last time I was asleep when my alarm went off.

On Saturday we had been invited to go along to the opening day of Exploracentre in Geneva and found ourselves first in the queue when we arrived! We had been excited when we heard about this new interactive museum opening so we hurried in the moment the doors opened. Tickets cost chf15 for children between 3 and 16 years and chf10 for adults over 16.  We received a wonderfully warm welcome and were given an explanation of the idea before we headed off to get stuck in.

L'Exploracentre (GE) - Switzerland - Family of 5

L'Exploracentre (GE) - Switzerland - Family of 5

It’s a really great place composed of a number of exhibits teaching children about science around fun themes which at the moment is that of the circus. This is cleverly done by combining interactive games and puzzles with information about the science behind it. Using their initiative the children worked out how to complete the activities and also discovered more about topics such as gravity, balance and angles as we moved around.

The staff are brilliant and came along to explain a bit more about the exhibitions we were looking at without being at all obtrusive. It’s not just for children though as each activity provides further information for adults relevant to the exhibit too so we all found it very interesting.

Their motto is “forbidden not to touch” and it’s really the case here with everything being made for little hands to explore. Jude had a go on the high wire they had set up and Alba attempted some juggling (more like random throwing to be honest) in their circus skills

L'Exploracentre (GE) - Switzerland - Family of 5

Downstairs is an area set up for with further learning games and rooms to welcome groups.

There is also a small area to have a coffee and on Saturday when we were there there was a brilliant ice cream man who made the ice cream curls from cream on a cold plate in front of us. Jude was deliriously excited about this and the ice cream was delicious.

In addition to their exhibits, Explora Centre also run workshops on science, digital technology and sustainability awareness and you can even organise a child’s party there.

L'Exploracentre (GE) - Switzerland - Family of 5

L'Exploracentre (GE) - Switzerland - Family of 5

L'Exploracentre (GE) - Switzerland - Family of 5

This place is really a refreshing addition to the activities on offer in Geneva.


Parking : No but street parking available

Toilets : Yes

Baby Change Facilities : Yes

Accessibility : Pushchairs are not allowed


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