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L'Exploracentre “Fabriq'Expo”(GE) l En

We were invited to stop by Exploracentre this morning to take a look at their latest exhibition. It’s really great and we all loved it!!

L'Exploracentre “Fabriq'Expo” - Swiss Family Blog Geneva

The theme is engineering and all the activities are related to the topic, yet really diverse including things like light boxes where the children had to copy a template to cut out and build a little model, games, building exercises and so many opportunities for them to question, explore and learn.

The thing we love most about this place is that it works for adults as well as children with plenty of activities to get our brains working, loads to talk about and plenty of food for thought.

My favourite exhibits were the bridge building exercise and the film making using phones from different time periods as props. Jude was astonished to see the dial telephone and his reaction when I showed him a cassette tape made me feel like a dinosaur!

A really great outing and we didn't see the time passing!


Parking : No but street parking available

Toilets : Yes

Baby Change Facilities : Yes

Accessibility : Pushchairs are not allowed (they made an exception for Elio :-))

Nos horaires de juin

Samedi                  13h00 - 18h00

Dimanche               13h00 - 18h00

Nos horaires de juillet et août

Lundi                     10h00 - 18h00 Mardi                    10h00 - 18h00 Mercredi                10h00 - 18h00 Jeudi                     10h00 - 18h00 Vendredi                10h00 - 18h00 Samedi                  13h00 - 18h00 Dimanche               Fermé

Fermeture du 4 au 18 août inclus

Tarifs (accès aux expositions)

Entrée                                                   CHF 10.-

Moins de 3 ans*                                    Gratuit 

*Sur présentation d'un justificatif  

Le billet d'entrée est valable pour la journée


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