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Happyland Parc d'attraction |Granges Sierre (VS)

We enjoyed 25'000m2 of trains, rides, toboggans, bumper cars and other attractions in the largest park in French-speaking Switzerland.

During our holiday in Valais over the summer, we realised that we were really close to Happy Land. We were determined to do plenty of things that the children would enjoy during this mini break so we took them there as a surprise.

The parking is a bit chaotic along the side of the road but the entrance is easy to find and Jude was jumping up and down in the spot when he caught a glimpse of what was inside.

Happyland Parc d'attraction - Switzerland Family Travel Blog

We started with the mini race track and we really liked the fact that although they still a bit small, Alba and Elio could use most of the rides if one of us went with them so Alba could try the little horses that went round a race track with me behind her while she chuckled away.

Jude was dizzy with excitement and spent a while rushing around in all directions unable to choose what he wanted to do first.

We had the feeling that they weren’t running at full capacity as one of the main water rides wasn’t operating and there seemed to be a shortage of staff meaning some of the rides weren’t attended when we approached but we only had to wait a moment or two until someone arrived.

Happyland Parc d'attraction - Switzerland Family Travel Blog

There is tonnes of stuff to do including a rollercoaster, bouncy castles, diggers, merry go rounds, swings and climbing frames and a boat flume but I think the children’s favourite was the safari where they (Alba with Jean's help) drove a little safari buggy round a track through muddy puddles and over bridges which they really loved.

It’s well organised and there is a restaurant and plenty of places to sit down.

It’s a good way to spend a few hours if you are in the area and the children will love it!


Parking : Yes

Toilets : Yes

Accessibility : Pushchairs is fine


Tarif enfantCHF 23.-

Tarif adulteCHF 23.-

Etudiants, AVS et AICHF 20.-

Groupes dès 12 personnesCHF 20.-


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