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Gorges du Trient - Trient Ravine (VS) l En

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

We explored the narrow, deep and very striking ravine at Trient!

Gorges du Trient - Trient Ravine (VS) - Swiss Family Travel The Family of 5

We have past the gorges du Trient many times on our way to other places but today we decided to stop and explore.

Tickets cost CHF8 for adults and children over the age of 6. You buy tickets directly at the shop Design Floral shop at the start of the gorges.

It’s a very quick walk - I think we were in and out in 20minutes including time to linger over the view. It’s clearly an impressive place and the walkway is well designed and leads you around the walls of the gorges above the water, ending in a bridge where we could take in the full spectacle before retracing our steps.

It’s an impressive sight and worth a visit if you are in the area. It’s quite fresh inside the gorges so it’s a good idea to take a cover up, but we found the cooler air welcome today when the weather was warm. It was safe for all the children including Alba but there were a few places where us was difficult to pass with Elio in the carrier and we had to take him off Jeans back to continue along the path.

This is definitely a nice stop if you are in Valais.


Parking : Yes (small)

Toilets : No

Accessibility : Only with baby-carrier - we would recommend front baby-carrier as the big back pack was too bulky to pass in some places.


Adulte:Fr. 8.-

Etudiant/ AVS:Fr. 7.-

Enfant de 6 à 16 ans:Fr. 6.-

Famille:2 enfants + 2 adultes : 25 frs

De 1er mai au 30 septembre, ouverture de 9h00 à 17h30 - 7/7 jours

Dès octobre et jusqu'aux premiers gels merci de se renseigner au 079 / 785 68 78

Durant la période hivernale ferm


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