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Hello and welcome to our blog! 


Let’s introduce ourselves!

We are Jean and Camilla, a French/English couple who love to explore the world with our three small children (Jude 9, Elio 7 who is disabled, and Alba who is 6).  Our goal is to show that handicap should not prevent any family from going out and explore the world.

We are an adventurous, travel-loving family living in Vaud, Switzerland.  In June 2018, we created a blog for activities and travel ideas for families in Switzerland and abroad and it’s been a really great experience.

We love discovering new places in this beautiful country and beyond! We were appointed the exclusive expat ambassadors of Switzerland Tourism for 2020 and visited 11 destinations throughout the year.

Let’s get the introductions out of the way:

Jean (Daddy): energetic, humorous, outspoken French man. He is a tax specialist in a private bank, passionate about social media and new technology, not so brilliant at DIY. Lover of food and wine, adventures and football!

Camilla (Mummy): Supremely organised English woman. Passionate picnic maker and unstoppable baker at The English Bakery. Loves good food and wine, books and rare moments of tranquillity.

Jude (7): fearless explorer and tireless question-asker. He’s a wonderful, joyful boy and keeps us smiling. He loves picnics, Lego, puzzles and absolutely anything red.

Elio (6): our sensitive, sweet boy. Elio is polyhandicaped and is still learning how to sit up by himself. He can’t walk yet so we take him everywhere in our baby carrier. He’s a brave warrior!! He loves food (anything really), giggling loudly and his toy monkey. We created an association for him and all the children living with a vestibular disorder.

Alba aka “The Fury” (4): This happy little girl runs rings around us! She’s bright as a button and she’s going to conquer the world! She loves singing and dancing, waving at strangers and talking to animals.  Her real passion is MISCHIEF in all it's forms :-)

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